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Design and production of non-standard tools with special requirements
Date: 2023-05-13 10:02:39Pageviews: 196

In the machining process, it is often difficult to process with standard tools, so we need to design some non-standard tools to meet the special requirements of mechanical cutting. Generally, non-standard custom tools should solve the problems of high hardness, easy sticking, poor surface roughness and complicated geometrical surface of the workpiece. Especially if some workpieces are complex in shape and need to be processed several sizes at the same time, it must be customized. Forming tools to accomplish these more complex machining requirements. Our company has fully utilized the spirit of artisans, developed and researched non-standard tools, and is not afraid of cumbersome and difficult. Nowadays, we have accumulated successful experience in the production of non-standard tools. Welcome new and old customers to contact and order.